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Amis souriants




We do love and nurture change agents

Because they are Talents focusing on solving problems,
co-building a better world by leveraging the relevant Digital / Data / Tech / Impact strategies and solutions to achieve outcomes.

Let's learn together and change the world!

Beautiful Landscape

Project leader

This project opened me to soft skills needed as a leader and more technical skills.


Data Analyst

The real-life client interfacing was a great learning and experience

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Project strategist

Defining the Impact Measurement metrics with the client and leading the team members was a wonderful experience

Change agents and apprentices

are sharing common values and capacity to support sustainable development with their problem solving and technical skills but we
are also all different, so pick your own track

We are building a tribe, supporting individuals in their personal development, building bonds and proposing meaningful events and workshops to continuously improve the skills and well-being of our members.

We are committed to creating learning opportunities accessible for all
Therefore if you cannot pay now for the apprenticeship, do not hesitate to contact us. You just have to share your vision for a better world, explaining your current situation and we might be able to integrate you into our scholarship called "pay it later". This means you start to pay the full amount only when you get a job (because we believe in the capacity of our program to offer you new real and meaningful opportunities in the Digital Economy). 

Contact us for more information about the scholarship

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