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Data Science for Climate Change - WeStandForOurPlanet

In unison with the millions of voices around the world asking to protect our environment, we join to spread the word and make a difference in our own way.

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Dathappy is offering for free, 2 Data Science projects having a focus on Climate Change

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How it works?

Submit your application before the October 24 2019 (United Nations Day). Use “#WeStandForOurPlanet” promotional code while validating your submission.

Not sure yet if Data Analytics can help you?

Book here a 15 minutes call with one of our experts.

Dathappy is the first marketplace supporting the Data Revolution of purpose-driven organizations with a community of experts and enthusiasts; providing a unique hassle free solution to empower data analytics. We will offer a project on a delimited scope corresponding to a traditional 10k USD Proof of Value project.

We cannot change the world alone but one step at a time, partnering with others, we can drive a sustainable change.


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