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Dathappy believes in learning by experience

So , you want to learn more about Data analytics...

That is a very good idea as there are 1.5 million of jobs opportunities in Data Science

(solving real life problems with a set of methods generating meaningful insights helping better informed decisions).

Where to start then?

The first thing you should consider is to "learn how to learn" to develop always the relevant skills for the future economy. Technology is evolving very fast and the tools we are using now are not the tools we will use tomorrow, moreover our societies are also changing and our relationships to the workplace are different. Learning how to learn is a key component to facilitate your lifelong learning journey and always be open to the new opportunities you could have.

We definitely believe that soft skills are as important than technical skills when you have a long term perspective. Adaptability, Communication, Presentation, Problem Solving will allow you to navigate the workplace more easily in the future. But how can you learn those soft skills while learning Data Analytics?

Learning on the job

We are not only talking about working on real life use cases. It is more than that when you really experience a job and learn from your peers.

Sure, a project based learning is a first step, but can we develop learning programmes that are preparing you even better for the professional space?

At Dathappy, our vision is that there is (almost) no limit to human learning when we offer the chance to experiment how it is really. Therefore, you join our learning program only by engaging yourself on a project within a team composed by other learners and our experts working directly on purpose driven projects.

Ready to kick-start your learning journey with us?

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