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Dathappy is ready to scale its impact

Since the start of our activities (a little more than a year ago), we experimented projects for multiple kinds of clients, we empowered people in Singapore and France with various backgrounds, we set up partnerships with institutions and community builders, we created events for individuals and organizations to help them to better understand Data Analytics and kick-start their journey and it is just a beginning.

This week, an open innovation challenge final (ASEAN Tech Awards 2019) was organised by the French Chamber of Commerce of Singapore (in partnership with the French Tech Singapore), powered by Agorize.

Dathappy didn't plan to participate at the beginning as most of the challenges and particularly the Société Générale one, looking to bring more collaboration internally on Data Analytics projects, were expecting scalable platforms.

The reason is simple, we were more oriented as a consulting company, facilitating learning, projects and Data Innovation based on human processes. But sometimes you just need a message to take the risk and move forward. A friend telling you that what you are doing is relevant for this challenge was enough to trigger the entrepreneur I am.

Building a platform was always an end goal as it could make it easier for both individuals and organizations to collaborate but we were still in an experimentation phase. We had an opportunity to test further our vision by participating to this challenge and it is maybe the best thing that happened to Dathappy since its beginning. We have been selected to pitch our idea, on the ring, with 2 other finalists. We didn't win the challenge, but we won our growth !

We are now ready to scale our impact, still on a mission to bring Data Analytics experiences to all while supporting impact-driven organizations.

We structured better our offer, standardized some processes and created our beta platform in few weeks. By having this vision of a scalable impact, combining Data and Social Innovation, we attracted more people, ready to join the team or to collaborate with us.

This is the beginning of Dathappy as a tech platform.

We are ready to reach the world population, one step at a time, facilitating - innovation of organizations (from Data & AI strategy, project scoping and realization to upskilling of their teams) - learning of individuals (general knowledge, Data literacy, career coaching, sharpen skills on the job) - freelancers and volunteers application for Data for Good gigs Our goal is to make it easier than ever for organisations to access Data Analytics services around the world while offering meaningful experiences to individuals that could sharpen their skills on real life projects having a purpose. Doing good should be plural. Doing a good job, while having good skills will bring a good service to organizations doing good and potentially a good revenue.

Our beta platform for individuals is live: It is not possible yet to post your project as an organisation but it will be soon possible and our experts could help you to scope better your idea, to develop the relevant Data & AI strategy while having quickly value with small and impactful projects.

Join us as a Dathappy hero to tackle the challenges of impact-driven organizations as:

- a learner

- a volunteer

- a freelancer


and let's show to the world that no Data innovation should forget the impact on our communities and environment while no Social innovation should forget to leverage on Data.

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