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Faces of Dathappy: Charlotte's Story!

Proudly presenting our first Friend in Data, and a member in our Dathappy community, Charlotte Castelnau! We’ve interviewed Charlotte to understand more her journey into Computer Science, projects that gets her excited in Dathappy, and some tips she has for aspiring Data enthusiasts.

Dathappy: How did you discover your interest in IT?

Charlotte: Already in middle school, it felt easier to work with stem subjects. I remember I even used to buy a weekly magazine to build my own robot at home. Going forward, I chose to enter an engineering school and specialized in microelectronics and computer science. I pursued this path as the professional possibilities seemed appealing and I didn't have to choose right away my future job so early.

Dathappy: What was your career journey into IT like?

Charlotte: IT, as any other broad subject, offers many opportunities. I first thought I would follow a career in microelectronics but I actually changed after my 2 years at the engineering school and learning a bit more in-depth about those topics. I found an internship in the computer science field as a software tester in an IT company developing financial systems. This allowed me to get to know a new industry (the financial sector) while developing new skills in IT project management and quality assurance.

Dathappy: What’s a project at Dathappy that gets you excited about?

Charlotte: I get to coordinate multidisciplinary teams, on a technical point of view as well as a cultural one. Our teams are made of very different profiles that co-create to bring the best values to our clients. We are also focusing on improving each individual's soft skills by giving them the ownership of the project and total autonomy in leading workshops and meetings with the clients, as well as organizing themselves as a team to meet the deadline. Following up on our giggers going through this whole development cycle, both professionally and personally, as well as creating customized solutions for our clients is very fulfilling.

Dathappy: How do you keep up with the fast growing data industry?

Charlotte: I'm learning through online courses for the theoretical part and I put in into practice those new skills by managing a diverse set of projects where I need to apply those new skills to take better decisions and anticipate any risk.

Dathappy: Any tips for people who wish to enter into IT?

Charlotte: With IT, there are no borders. You can get by with English for your first steps into a new country, you can use online technology to bypass distance issues, you can work in many different industries as you can understand and adapt with different systems easily. It is definitely a great area to start a professional career in. It will open many doors and will never get old or boring because it evolves very fast as well.

Dathappy: What's a fun fact about you?

Charlotte: Last year, I decided to go for a 2 month Asian trip with my backpack, meeting with social entrepreneurs while discovering a new region of the world. I met many inspiring people and I got convinced that this was what I wanted to work with, being closer to the people I wanted to serve and acquire the skills to be able to offer them solutions.

Dathappy: What's one quote that you live by?

Charlotte: "Always saying yes to any adventure coming along, you will definitely grow from meeting with new people and learning every day."


Thank you so much for your wonderful insights, Charlotte! I’m sure every one of us can learn something from this — be it that we are starting, or continuing a new Journey, or just applying her tips to our Learning mentality.

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