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Prepare your Dathappy learning journey

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Your experiential learning begins when you start a project with us, for one of the purpose driven organisations we are supporting. However, as a lifelong learner, we can help you before and more importantly, you could take decisive decisions before the beginning of the experiential journey.

It is important that you define your objectives while preparing your schedule for the programme as it could be intensive to combine the new learning with your day to day.

It depends of your situation

Of course, if you are currently unemployed, single and without children, it will be different than being employed with other responsibilities.

Also, some could be comfortable combining those different aspects of life while, for others, some choices should be done to have the best learning experience.

Being far from all the Digital economy or already engaged in teams dealing with Data Analysis is also a big difference. We are open to all backgrounds, but to be more confident, you should try to learn more about Data Analytics, the kind of jobs currently open, the skills needed to apply and how Data Analytics are used by organisations.

Online contents

Dathappy is not creating a full curriculum with home made courses as it is not our focus. We focus on learning by experience while guiding you into the large amount of knowledge accessible for free on internet.

All large Data players (Microsoft, Google, etc.) but also MooCs platforms (Massive open online Courses) are offering valuable content for free.

Youtube videos, articles on Data Science blogs / communities and podcasts are very useful to build a general culture and develop knowledge on main topics.

It is a perfect complement to our programme even before the start as you will be able to focus on doing things with us (we ask for at least 150 hours spent on projects). Depending on your schedule constraints, it will be less stressing to have first notions and you will be more confident by beginning as early as you can to seek for knowledge.

Dathappy's free content

We are sharing a lot on our blog, newsletter, social medias or even during the public events we organise to develop more awareness for individuals and organisations.

Then, when you will join the programme, we will coach you for a professional certification with the relevant content associated while mentoring you on what and how you should learn to offer you the best learning on the job experience.

Follow us to be updated, have our tips and free content at any time (before, during and after the learning programme).

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