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SEWF19 Education symposium takeaways

A great beginning of the week during the education symposium to kick-start the Social Enterprise World Forum 2019 (SEWF2019) in Ethiopia.

My key takeaways, valuable for all countries and education systems as diversity was there to share local initiatives. Having more young people could have been great but unfortunately, it was not possible despite the effort of the organizers. So please my young social entrepreneur friends, come there next year ;)

- Build Social Entrepreneur skills is a great opportunity to bring innovation in our education ⚡️

- The strength of tomorrow's education is not anymore the knowledge but how we can use it for better societies and environment 🌏

- Ask the youth what problems they care about and let them solve it to bring experiential learning leveraging on knowledge while facilitating it (you could be surprised by the valuable solutions) 🚀

- Empower more youth on the decision process (user-centric design approach) 💪

- Cooperative schools (and soon a University) to change the ownership of education is important to explore (great examples in the UK) 😍

- It could be difficult to enforce new social entrepreneurship courses in the curriculum when policies are not ready to define what it is (but in my opinion, it is more a mindset and we should not wait for policies to pilot it anywhere in the world from primary school to Universities) 🕐

Empowerment of youth is important particularly in Africa where the aging population is clearly not a problem (millions of learners in schools) shaping soon our economy. There is not even enough jobs in Ethiopia for all the graduates, so some of them should create some, hopefully bringing the purpose into it by design during their entrepreneurial journey ;)

Already a lot of meaningful connections with ecosystems builders in Turkey, Sudan, Ethiopia, South Africa and many more (to come).

Thanks to the SEWF team, the British Council for this great event.

Now it is time to prepare our booth to make sure all social innovations have the opportunity to leverage technology and particularly Data Science as it is a key pillar for growth in the 21st century. This is Dathappy's mission.

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