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Why change agents over Data Scientists (or other tech talents)?

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Data Science and Data / Tech related jobs have been considered amongst the best for decades, However, times are evolving and we see many organizations questioning their investment in Artificial Intelligence and other technologies currently.

It is not a new,

Indeed, a few years ago, many private companies asked about the Return on Investment on the PhD Data Scientist they hired.

At the same time, those talented experts felt misunderstod and were not able to play their game (PhD or not).

This happens because businesses are not sharing the same world than technology, while they should collaborate towards the same (sustainable) goals.

In the Data universe, one piece is missing for many organizations, the Analytics translator.

This person is working close to the business and is understanding how Data might help to improve the current state. Sometimes coming from the tech, sometimes from the business, sometimes with a dual experience, this bridge is a key to success. What is important is the given effort to have effective outcomes for the business leveraging the adapted Digital and Data solutions.

Therefore, by change agents, we mean progessionals that are equiped technically, but focusing on problems to solve and not the technology itself. They leverage a wonderful tool, and this is what makes them leaders supporting the journey of impacting organizations, in a diverse and, sometimes complex to catch up on, Digital ecosystem.

In fact, Dathappy has a lot of tech experts in its pool of consultants. But we work with them to make sure they first understand the business challenges. By doing so, we ensure they support better the innovation and change with their tech skills. Those change agents can not change the world alone and by creating diverse teams when needed, we make sure outcomes are happening for a sustainable development and positive futures.

Whatever the exact skillset is, a change agent of the Digital Economy is a co-creator for better tomorrows, leveraging the relevant technologies and tools to achieve a purposeful mission.

Do you want ot become a change agent of the Digital Economy? Join Dathappy as an expert or apprentice now.

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