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Why Data literacy matters

Literacy has always been a huge topic when we talk open development of people and communities. Introducing Data literacy is aligned with the fact that "Data is the new oil", "Data is everywhere", etc.

A Data world needs a new skill set

In our Digital economy (Digital interfaces powered by Data), the Data literacy is becoming a key skill whatever job it is.

Qlik did a survey to monitor Data literacy defined as “the ability to work, read, analyse and challenge data”. They are not only comparing the skills level by regions, they linked it to the performance in the workplace.

And as a graph is worth thousands words, we built a small visualisation to show you that.

The full article can be find here.

Are you Data literate?

If not, you should definitely work on it. Building Data literacy, particularly for the left behind communities and organisations is our mission. So join our learning programme to open new opportunities for your career.

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