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Will Cambodia's Data economy rise in 2020?

"Data is the new oil, AI is the new electricity". You can hear that so many times, but what is happening in countries like Cambodia? Is the Cambodian workforce and companies ready to thrive with those tools?

In some countries, Data skills are too rare so those opportunities are even too far from reality. This is the case in Cambodia.

Therefore Dathappy is now developing its activities further locally to equip people with the relevant skills (Data visualization, Storytelling, Data engineering, Python, Spreadsheets but also teamwork, communication, presentation and so much more). We will collaborate with universities, civil society, institutions and private sector to make it happen quickly and efficiently.

What is our plan?

Because we are sourcing impact-driven Data Science projects, we are able to propose gigs to our community of Dathappy heroes.

Those missions can be:

- a source of revenue for independent workers,

- a way to learn and sharpen skills,

- a way to give back

We are not another MooC platform or training program in Data, we offer a unique experiential learning journey while making this world a better place, one Data Science project at a time.

But sometimes, people are not yet ready to take those gigs, so we are working on our Data Literacy programs and open impact-driven challenges to help people sharpen basic skills and be guided from the beginning. They will then be able to apply to the gigs we have on the platform from Cambodia and the world!

It is just a beginning and we have great stories to share.

Indeed, our partners, the organizations we are supporting and all our heroes have so many to say about Data, Digital and Cambodia's innovation & growth!

Make sure you do not miss it and follow Dathappy on LinkedIn.

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