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of organizations will lack sufficient AI and data literacy skills to achieve business value in 2020




is to make you
"speak Data"

with a

Data Literacy Culture and
Data Science initiatives

and more Digital services


No more complex approach to solve your Data needs.
In a month we deliver high value to your organizations, empowering Enthusiasts from less-privileged communities. 

And you know what? It is really affordable   (starting at 1.9k USD)

Image de Ravi Roshan

Discover more with our client's stories

UNDP Accelerator Lab

Needs to better understand the local development initiatives


But they did not have the relevant Data talents in-house to launch their project

After we delivered our Proof of Value, they can now take better informed-decisions with automatically updated 
insights and visualizations

Quantum Endorphine DIgital

The management team understood the value of Data Analytics to develop further their activities but their collaborators did not have the needed skils to transform this vision into a reality

Upskilling their team

We helped them to be more efficient 
and enrich their catalog of services 
with more Data-driven activities

In summary, we make you speak Data through

Discovery Project

Understand how Data Science works with a valuable business case

We recommend you the next steps to embrace the Data Economy as an organization

(3 to 6 weeks)

Low complexity


Proof of value

Identify the best project to start your Data Intelligence journey

We implement solutions in your processes to help you take Data Informed decisions

(4 to 8 weeks)

Complex project


Strategy Accelerator

Decide your next Data move for your internal stakeholders

We co-define the actions to build a better Data Literacy Culture & projects

3 workshops

Strategic plan


Team building

Engage your teams building skills and purposeful initiative

We design an impactful expereince for your collaborators

A unique Data for positive impact day

357 [Converted].png

Tailor-made services

To help you thrive whatever your maturity and constraints are.

We maximize value for your budget

Dathappy video _ deck (7).png

Why Dathappy?

We are building win-win-win projects.
We fit your timeline, budget, and ambitions. In parallel, we empower enthusiasts who need real-life project experience, while our experts ensure quality. 

You grow, they grow, we grow!


Our global community of data experts and learners are specifically recruited for impact-driven team projects, their commitment is guaranteed.


Step by step journey

we transform your questions into data science projects and guide you through the data transformation one step at a time.


Our pricing is tailored to impact-driven organizations' and SMEs' needs. Our unique business model makes data-science affordable for all.

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