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Some of the exciting projects we've been working on:

Integrating data science into an early-stage product

About Farm Me Up

This startup aimed to provide funds to French farmers via a smart scoring system powered by Artificial Intelligence and backed up with Blockchain transactions system.

Image by Agence Producteurs Locaux Damie
How did Dathappy help Farm Me Up to validate their business idea?

We mapped the processes and interactions between the key stakeholders to define how the scoring should work

We identified what kind of data is essential to create a smart credit scoring system for the farmers

We built personas and asked the relevant questions to validate the hypothesis and business model


“Shaping our startup idea, we knew Data will be important. But it could be challenging to understand if data sources are difficult to gather or what we need exactly to build smart systems. The strategic workshops gave us a valuable asset to build strong foundations for our next ideas and developments”

- Marie-Laure, Farm Me Up CEO


The strategic workshops helped the CEO, the team and farmers to test the initial idea and develop a different business model that has answers to the French farmers’ problems better.  Understanding the potential of Artificial Intelligence opened up new perspectives for the future of Farm Me Up

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Farm Me Up

Understand the profiles of your users with data


Woomentum is a mobile platform for women to learn about the mechanics of building a business, solicit advice from mentors, get coaching, or raise funds.

Within only a few days, Dathappy helped us with Data visualizations for our Marketing team while showing us the power of AI on text classification.

- Mouna, Woomentum CEO

  1. Use the available data for market segmentation to create more relevant marketing content for the customers 

  2. Use Machine Learning to categorize the platform users into different profiles by automatic text classification

What happened?


Quite often, an email list or database has multiple and incorrect entries just as a result of human error and users figuring out how to use your system. Cleaning and consolidating the information lead to more relevant conclusions and actions. 


Based on the text input entered by the user for the “Why I joined” question, using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, we categorized the users into different profiles and created a dashboard where the users can be filtered real-time based on different criteria.


Apart from the insights themselves, this Proof of Concept was an eye-opener on the power of Data Science and its methodology. Having access on a daily basis to a dashboard helped to better understand and target the users while Machine Learning helped to reproduce tasks previously realized by humans. 

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Analyzing the link between volunteering and leadership

In 2018, Conjunct Consulting conducted a case study, funded by Tote Board to understand the link between volunteering and leadership development. Specifically, the research sought to understand:

  • What motivates youth to volunteer with nonprofits and the impact of volunteering on leadership development.

  • The benefits and challenges of youth volunteering for nonprofits.

  • The societal benefits of engaging youth volunteers with nonprofits.

Image by Cristi Tohatan

How was the research conducted?

Both quantitative and qualitative research methods were undertaken, including a survey with Singapore youth aged 15-34 years old as well as interviews with key stakeholders and subject matter experts.


Dathappy supported the survey, bringing advanced Data analytics to extract more insights like the profiling of respondents.

What did we do?

We analysed the previous surveys to better orient the interviews

We reviewed the new survey questionnaire from data analytics viewpoint

We analysed and visualized the results of the new survey in a report


We have identified the 2 biggest retention challenges of the NPO sector.
Responding to the challenges, the NPOs identified a number of strategies to improve volunteer engagement.

Based on our survey data, we have created some sample volunteer profiles to showcase the main characteristics of the youth leaders/volunteers. This can be used for future recruitment and retention.


Yoann is a highly-skilled and talented data scientist who has a good understanding of the research process. He contributed to both the design and analysis of the survey and applied advanced data analytics to uncover additional insights from the data, which he presented in a creative and innovative way. I would highly recommend Dathappy and Yoann for future projects.

- Dr. Brigid Trenerry, Research Fellow, Singapore University of Technology and Design

About Conjunct Consulting

A Singapore-based nonprofit organization that offers pro bono management consulting services to other nonprofits and social enterprises in the areas of financial sustainability, human capital development, operations management, impact assessment, and strategic planning.

About Tote Board

As a broad-based grantmaker, Tote Board identifies social needs and challenges and through grants, it aims to achieve three strategic outcomes – providing equitable opportunities for vulnerable groups, building a resilient community, and enhancing quality of life for Singaporeans.


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Tote Boad

Evaluate the impact and success of a government initiative

While most social service organisations recognize the need for volunteers and effective volunteer management, not every social service organisation has the ability or the resources to use and manage volunteers efficiently or effectively.

Between 2016-2018, NCSS launched the Volunteer Manager Funding Scheme (VMFS) to test the effect of a dedicated volunteer manager on social service organizations. NCSS selected 10 organizations and asked Conjunct Consulting and Dathappy to analyse the impact and success of the program in a report.

Image by Anna Earl
What did we do?

Design metrics and survey





Prepare and clean the data


Extract insights


In surveying volunteers it became clear that when an organisation has a plan in place for volunteer management that includes orientation, training, recognition, and feedback processes, retention rates are higher. Volunteers are also happier and will passionately recommend the organisation to others looking to give to a social service organisation. 

Impact of the program

Having a dedicated volunteer manager for  two years has created positive change for each of the 10 participating organisations—from improving service quality to having happier, more satisfied volunteers. 


Dathappy collaborated with us on a social impact report and was a highly effective and outstanding contributor. The team was able to analyze complicated sets of data and draw useful insights, which resulted in a lasting impact on the sector.

- Kwok Jia Chuan (CEO of Conjunct Consulting)

About Conjunct Consulting

A Singapore-based nonprofit organization that offers pro bono management consulting services to other nonprofits and social enterprises in the areas of financial sustainability, human capital development, operations management, impact assessment, and strategic planning.

About NCSS

National Council of Social Services is the umbrella body for over 450 social service organizations in Singapore. Its mission is to provide leadership and direction in enhancing the capabilities and capacity of its members, advocating for social service needs and strengthening strategic partnerships, for an effective social service ecosystem. 


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Understand the visitors and revenue streams better with real-time automated dashboards

About Mega Adventure

This amusement park’s mission is to give people the opportunity to challenge themselves through adventure. They operate Asia's #1 zipline, treetop ropes course, a free-fall simulator and a bungee-assisted trampoline.


During the internship, skills such as data exploration, data cleaning and analysis would be developed. And with the opportunity to tackle real-world data and business tasks, the internship would prove to be a challenging and rewarding experience

- Jae Chew, Business and Computer Science graduate

  1. ​Create a dynamic, visual dashboard to compare visitors by profiles by period and find actionable insights

  2. Create a dashboard to monitor revenue by period and find actionable insights​

What happened?

To deliver this project, we empowered 3 first-year MSC students, within a short internship to learn more about Data Science and its applications. Together, we went to the client attraction park to better understand the operations and challenges. Based on the needs, we recommended outcomes, a scientific methodology and tools to ease the life of the Mega Adventure staff and to help them make better informed decisions.


The new real-time dashboards about the visitors and the revenue helped Mega Adventure to:

  • Understand their customer profiles

  • Compare the rate of return and popularity of each attraction by customer segments

  • Plan their digital marketing accordingly

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Mega Adventure
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