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Data informed vs data driven

In every domain, jargon and vocabulary are a barrier to the easy understanding. Today, I would like to open a topic on Data Informed VS Data Driven as both are often used but rarely explained in other ways than selling pitch offering Data-driven tools.

This article is going really deeply to explain the distinction while saying you should be more in an informed mindset than a driven one.

Dathappy is sharing this vision as the main goal of technology is to enhance human lives. If you are fully data driven, you are giving the key of your organisation to Data and algorithm. In a data Informed mindset, you will use insights generated from Data to take the most important decisions. This "small" word difference can be significant in your day to day.

While some small parts of your processes could be automated (data-driven approach), the main decisions should be enhanced with facts extracted with a scientific Data Science approach.

Data Analytics are not a solution by itself, it is a instrument you should leverage on to take better informed decisions. But to do so, you need to power it with the relevant Data.

To conclude, invest on good instruments (Data Analytics) used by your human "drivers" while building the adapted Data Strategy and projects to generate the insights that will lead you to the best decisions you can take.

Do you need help to do so? Contact us.

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